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My April Challenges Recap

Hello Friends!

We made it through April. This was the first month that I participated in challenges. I have tried planner challenges previously, but ended up not sticking with them for the entire month – lame.

I stumbled on the lettering, drawing, doodle, photo challenges and immediately became intrigued. I participated in the #AprilMovieLettering and #HPDaily challenges.

I have gathered all of my posts by their challenges below:


I really enjoyed this one. I like to doodle/draw as well as practice hand lettering, so this was really fun. I only missed a couple days.

Up next are all of my #HPDaily challenge posts. I love Harry Potter and thought that this one would be fun 🙂




I had a lot of fun with this challenge as well. I discovered that I needed to finish reading all of the books and watching the movies before I continued with this challenge, though.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this recap!



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Plan With Me for May

Hi Friends!

May is fast approaching, and I was actually able to get myself together enough to plan ahead of time. I know, I know… shocking. I was even able to film a video for the YouTube channel!!

Anyways, lets dive in.

Getting started in my planning actually began a couple weeks ago. I counted pages and estimated what page my dailies would end on and reserved half of the page to make notes for May. I just kept track of thoughts, ideas, additions, and things I will be discontinuing. The biggest change is that I am going to back off habit tracking again. I tried it in April, but I am still habit-tracker burnt out.


This page is nothing fancy. You can really get into this and make it as elaborate as you want. I do recommend that everyone reflects on the prior month while planning, so that your planner/bullet journal can by fully tailored to fit your needs.

Next task is gathering supplies which were printables in this case. I looked through and decided what my pages would be and if I needed printables for them.


Printable or Draw

Hello May Draw
Monthly Calendar Wheel Printable
Gratitude Log & Daily Log Draw
Sleep Tracker Printable
Headache Tracker Printable
Likes & Dislikes Draw
Mood Tracker Draw
Step Tracker Printable
Goals Draw

I did not create this table while planning, it is purely for this post, but you definitely could pre-plan pages and spreads. Here is a printable page layout sheet.

If you follow me Instagram, you may have already seen my short video of me creating my May banner. I saw a Pin of Pinterest that inspired the drawing by Free Pretty Things For You (take a look at all the cool stuff on their site).


Although, I ended up coloring in my banner, I almost wish I would have kept it black and white. It is such a simple design, and I was so excited that I could easily do it.

These next few pages are pretty self explanatory. The video (above) shows how I insert the stickers and some pointers I have to get them to lay nicely.





Coming up next is my May Likes & Dislikes page which I like to have to track throughout the month because I am toying with the idea of doing monthly ‘Likes and Dislikes’ videos On the right side of this spread is my new mood tracker. This seems to be kind of a new trend, which I really enjoy and can see the benefits in keeping track of. Especially for people (like me) who sometimes suffer from depression. Last month, I tried out a feather design inspired by a design by Fiona over at on Instagram. I love the feather idea and will probably do it again, but for May I decided to try a different idea I had. My Grandma introduced my to Zentangle last summer and I really enjoy it. Here is a link to a Pinterest search with a bunch of Zentangle examples and designs. I decided that I wanted to do a Zentangle design that was color coded like a mood mandala/tracker. The other part of the idea is that I thought it would be fun to do animal designs. For May, I settled on a giraffe design.


This is a prototype of the printable that I will be making, but I am really excited. So excited, that I already created all of the Zentangle-y designs on the giraffe.

The next page/printable that is new this month is my step tracker. I wear a FitBit, so my daily steps are logged. I thought it would be fun, and hopefully motiviating to see how many steps I can accumulate for the entire month…. kind of like a competition against myself.



There are printable PDFs available in the library. Each PDF has a table numbered on the bottom axis 1-31 for the days of the month, and increments of 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 steps per day going up the vertical axis. There is even a bonus PDF with extra increments at the top for those who are above and beyond. If you need a PDF with different increments (i.e. 1,000, 15,000, 20,000, or even more – let me know).

The last page here is my goals. Nothing special, but I find that constant reminders keep me on track… or at least thinking about the track.



That is all I have for today. Make sure to check back for my April review post.


P.S. – My end of month newsletter will be going out tomorrow Sunday, April 30th. If you are interested in signing up and have not done so already click here to be directed to the sign-up form. The newsletters will keep you up to date and will also provide you with up-to-date passcodes for the free Printable Tools and Freebies library.

Supplies Used:

Yes, the product links are Amazon affiliate links. All that means is that if you make a purchase, Amazon gives me a percentage of the earnings (at no extra cost to you), for referring you to their product/site.


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Planet Plan It Letter Challenges!!!

Don’t worry, your normal program will resume shortly. This will only take a minute.

I am too excited to wait and want to introduce the Planet Plan It Lettering Challenges for the month of May!!!

First is the #LetterMayFlowers

I found a list of flowers that bloom in May. It was such a lovely list. While I was creating the list, I thought it was a great idea to familiarize myself with which flowers are blooming in different months because sometime soon my Hunny and I are going to tie the knot.

The second challenge I am introducing is all about one of the funniest (in my opinion) movies, Step Brothers.

To join, use #StepBrosLettering on your posts.

The movie is a little crude, and the language may offend some- so be warned. I am not one of these people. I find this movie incredibly hilarious.

I am so excited to start these. I would love for you to join me. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @Planet_PlanIt and use #StepBrosLettering or #LetteringMayFlowers

Have an awesome day!


P.S. – I know I have pushed this a lot, but make sure you check out the new @PlanetPlanItChallenges page and view all the amazing challenges everyone comes up with and is participating in.

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Storing all my bullet journal crap (er I mean stuff) and how to decided what comes with you on a daily basis!!


So, I have a deep love for pens. Always have. Always will. Bullet journaling has woken the beast and my addiction has grown stronger. I am pretty sure I will need an intervention sooner or later.

The biggest problem with my addiction is storage. FYI – this post excludes how I store notebooks… because I don’t have a system for that.

When it comes to storing pens, I feel like these are my only options:

Store pens in their original packaging… if possible. Some pens were purchased individually. P.S. – I have no clue where that fourth pen is.
Store different types of pens in different pouches… but then find a bigger bag to pack all the pouches. HA! This was an adorable idea.

After realizing that the first two just aren’t going to work, I looked on. I searched and searched and searched for a suitable storage system, but it is not as easy as I thought it would be to find. Finally, I stumbled on these storage containers!!

Here are some of the features that I really like:

  • stackable
  • locking
  • variation in bin depth
  • lightweight
  • handle
  • Size is roughly 6″ x 9″ (so I can take them in a bag if needed)
I want to show all the bins snapped together. I have four bins here (3 deep and 1 shallow). Each bin houses contains pens of specific types (i.e. brush, daily writer, gel, etc.). Going from top to bottom: fine/daily writers, brush pens (x2), and gel pens.
Here I have pulled all the bins apart to show the contents. They actually house a ton of pens! (P.S. if you are interested in purchasing any of pens or containers you see, links will be down at the bottom)

When I purchased these, I actually got two different sets. I have since then purchased more because I really like them AND I have more pens.

I purchased two more units with two deep bins each and plan on organizing the rest of my:

  • felt tip pens
  • upgrading my gel pens to a deep bin
  • washi tape
  • stamps
  • notepads will go into the shallow bin

Now, I know what you are going to ask next. “Neta, are you seriously going to lug all of that everywhere?” Answer – yes. Just kidding. No, not really. This will be home storage. I made the decision to re-purpose one of my pouches into my daily pen stash. These will travel with me and my journal. I chose a pouch that was big enough to hold a decent amount of pens, yet can easily fit into my purses.

I decided that my daily hand-lettering challenges (see this post for more info) will probably be done at home, so there is no reason that I need to bring all 5 billion pens with me everywhere. It was like choosing a favorite child… or maybe favorite pet, but I think I narrowed it down pretty well.

Don’t you love this pouch!? It comes in four different colors: blue, orange, pink, and red (pictured). This one measures about 7″ x 2″ x 3.5″

Here are the contents:


Quick list of what is in here (starting from top left moving clockwise):

I thought that I could take a little of everything I use to do daily bullet journaling. With these pens, I can do regular writing, hand-lettering (for titles and whatnot), shading, and sketching or drafts. All of my weekly set-ups and challenges will be done at home when I have access to more supplies.

I would love to see what supplies or systems you use for storage. If you take a picture, tag me on Instagram @Planet_PlanIt

Have a great Sunday, and to those that celebrate the holiday, Happy Easter!




  • SnapWare Stackable Container (2 deep bins): 
  • SnapWare Stackable Containers (2 deep bins and 1 shallow):
  • VW Bus Pen Pouch by Monster Factory (blue, orange, red, and pink colors available):
  • Various other pouches: So, I purchased these make-up pouches a long time ago at Fred Meyers. If you just want to round out your Amazon order (or don’t have Fred Meyer stores near you), this pouch is a similar size as the larger, floral pouch pictured and comes in sooo many different patterns.

Pens (these are all pens that are seen in the pictures above):

I could go on and on. If there is a pen you like and want the link to, please comment below or email me at

P.S – Yes, the links are affiliate links, but these are all products that I recommend and like. I was not paid to review these and all opinions are my own. I just thought I would share the good things that I find with all of you. 🙂

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Intro to Challenges


I know it has only been a couple days since my last post, but I am feeling like I should make up for some of my absence. One of the many new changes I made during my break was that I started participating in various daily lettering challenges.

I have said this a zillion times, but bullet journaling is not only helpful in keeping me organized, but it is an artistic outlet for me. I have never really paid attention to challenges in the past other than the @PlanWithMeChallenge hosted by @BohoBerry @PrettyPrintsandPaper and @TinyRayofSunshine . The planner challenges are so fun, but I found that many of the items didn’t pertain to me because my planning system is different. Recently, I stumbled on lettering challenges and saw that it was also doodles and art and was hooked!

I would like to start recapping my submissions to various challenges each month because it is so fun to look back at them all. I will start now by including all my March 2017 submissions for the #DisneyLetteringMarch challenge.

Here is the original post by @writingmunster and @calligraphybyfk 


I started a little late in the month, on the 19th, but here are my #DisneyLetteringMarch submissions.

I thought that this whole concept was really fun. I like lettering, but I also really enjoy drawing and coloring, and this incorporated everything!

For the month of April, I have been doing the


#AprilMovieLettering challenge by @calligraphybyfk and @stacythompson as well as the


#HPDaily with @alilepere. Make sure that you follow me on Instagram @Planet_PlanIt to see daily submissions or check back at the end of the month for a recap. I would love to see your submissions for daily prompts as well. Every post is so unique and awesome. The bullet journal/planner/artistic/lettering community is really amazing!


Speaking of monthly challenges, I had a devil of a time locating different challenges and noticed that there are a TON that I missed altogether. I figured that I cannot be the only one to have experienced this, so I created a separate, but affiliated, Instagram account that will be a collection of all bullet journal, planner, lettering, drawing, doodling, self care/wellness, and more monthly challenges that I come across.

The name on the account is @PlanetPlanItChallenges and here is a snapshot of what it looks like right now.


I have been adding various April challenges because I want to get this account established and out there. If you see a challenge or create a challenge and want it shared, please tag @PlanetPlanItChallenges, and I will post it! I try to make sure that all captions include the tag and the creators are tagged in the images themselves.

Last thing I wanted to talk about here is that I have been thinking about doing a challenge myself. It looks super fun, and the possibilities are endless. If you are interested in collaborating together on a challenge, I would love to hear from you! Email me at or DM on Instagram @Planet_PlanIt.

Well, that is all I have for now! Have a great weekend everyone!



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Is it April already?! See how I set up my new bullet journal in the Scribbles that Matter notebook!

Hi to All!

How the heck are ya? Long time no talk (… blog? I don’t know, but it is good to be back.)Here is another post on setting up a bullet journal. I love reading blog posts/watching videos about how people set up their bullet journals because everyone is different and every bullet journal is unique.

My bullet journals are different from one journal to the next. This time is even more different because I have even switched to a new notebook. This picture shows my old bullet journal in a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in the color berry and my new bullet journal in the new gray and yellow notebook by Scribbles that Matter.


Here is a quick compare and contrast table showing the Leuchtturm 1917 A5, the Scribbles that Matter, and the Moleskine A5 notebooks:

  Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Notebook Scribbles that Matter Moleskine A5
Cover Type Hard Hard Hard or Soft
Dimensions 5.71” X 8.27” 5.7” x 8.3” 5” x 8.25”
Paper Weight 80 gsm 100 gsm 70 gsm
Page Count 250 192 192
Pre-Printed Index * *
Numbered Pages * *
Pre-Printed Key *
Pre-Printed Pen Test Page *
Bookmarks 2 2 1
Back Pocket * * *
Elastic Closure Band * * *
Pen Loop Optional *

* means that the notebook has the feature

I recently came across the Scribbles that Matter notebooks, but I think they have been around for a minute. I am so glad I ordered one. It is a great addition to the selection of notebooks that we bullet journalers gravitate towards.

Before I get started with my new journal, I wanted to recap what my old journal was like. Here is the link to my Plan With Me post. I kept it simple. I felt like I didn’t or wouldn’t have time to do all the tracking in habit trackers and spreads like that.  Although it worked out ok, I found that I was much less motivated. There was no referring back to my progress or seeing how well I was doing at certain goals. This time around, I decided that I would have to change that. I wanted to make lifestyle changes, health changes, make better progress around my home, improve in activities with my kids, and other stuff.


Enter my new notebook… There are a ton of color combinations to choose from. I purchased this gray and yellow notebook. I love bright colors, but gray is so relaxing to me. I enjoyed all the features the notebook offers and the cover is so fun with all the designs.

Key and Index (three index pages included)
Pen Test pages (front and back)
Back expanding pocket and included pen loop

I began planning my notebook in early March. I used some extra pages from the Leuchtturm bullet journal to make a running list of all the things that I wanted to track and include in the next journal. Once I had the list, I used a new printable to plan the order of spreads and pages.  I read a good line from the NaNoWriMo site. It stated that there are planners and ‘pantsers’. Obviously, we are all planners, but I like to plan my bullet journal. There are also some people that don’t plan and like to fly by the seat of their pants, i.e. pantsers. I thought it was fitting in this case as well. Here is my planning sheet after everything is filled in.


Although the planning sheet I created was initially for the Leuchtturm, it worked pretty well for the Scribbles That Matter notebook because they are pretty similar. I wrote down pages and spreads in pencil and moved them around as needed. For the pages that I would be using a printed sticker, I indicated with either a “P” for those that needed to be created or a circled “P” for those that I already had.

Here is the documents I used 🙂

I wont bore you all with a page-by-page, but here are a few new pages that I have created:

I am so pleased with how my song tracker worked out. It is nice to have a spot for songs to keep track of until I can purchase them.
This is my first attempt at a show tracker, but I am excited to track shows as I will be needing this for other projects as well.
Larger calendar wheel. I am loving it so far!
This is my first mood tracker. I am inspired by this. It is so interesting to see how my emotions fluctuate throughout the month.
One of my favorites. This headache tracker tracks what kind of headache I have, if my hair was up, and how much coffee I drank. I will be editing it slightly for next month to include when I wear glasses.
This is the other sticker I was excited about. This is my sleep tracker. I am about 1/3 of the way through the month and can already see why I always feel so drained. There are bold lines with very faint vertical lines to keep things nice and neat. I also included a checkbox at the end to track when I still felt tired after waking up.
This was an initial take at tracking food, water, exercise and steps. I love having it all together, but I have a few tweaks and corrections to make.

Make sure that you visit the library to check out the new printable PDFs.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be looking at reformatting of the library as the current system doesn’t seem to be the perfect fit. It is a work in progress, so we will see if I can find an easier to navigate format.

I am almost done filling in the final details into my bullet journal and will be filming a flip through for the Planet Plan It YouTube channel soon. Make sure you tune in. If you haven’t already visited, click here to watch the current videos.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my bullet journal set up and enjoy the new printables. I am also working on others that will soon be uploaded. Make sure you are subscribed to the Planet Plan It newsletter to receive the current access codes needed.

Have a great day,


Supplies used and mentioned

Scribbles That Matter Notebook:

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 in Berry:

Moleskine Notebook:

Sharpie Fine Point Pen:

Sticker paper:

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Bujo Tool Tuesday: Brush Pens

Hi Everyone!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Wednesday. This post is coming to you to announce that the first Bujo Tool Tuesday video was posted late last night. I finally got the video filmed and edited, but uploading took forever.

Remember to check in the Reviews and Impressions page for the reviews as well. That will be where all reviews will be housed.

Pens discussed:

  • Sharpie Brush Pen
  • Faber-Castell Artist PITT Brush Pen ‘B’
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen
  • Sargent Art Classic Brush Markers
  • Pentel Touch Fude Sign Brush Pens
  • Tombow Fudenosuke Pens
  • Zebra Disposable Brush Pens
  • Kuretake Bimoji
  • Kuretake Fudegokochi

Throughout the video, we touch on all different aspects of the pens including:

  • smell
  • ink type
  • colors available
  • packaging
  • individual pen and set availability
  • pricing
  • large and small lettering
  • flourishes and skipping
  • smudging
  • bleed/ghosting in both Moleskine and Leuchtturm notebooks

Take a look and let me know what you think!

* Disclaimer: As stated in the video, none of the products were sent to me in return for my review. All of the pens discussed were personally purchased. My opinion and reviews are my own.

Have a great day and thank you for watching. Remember to subscribe and hit the bell to receive notification of new videos!


— Pen

Product Links —

Want my notebook?

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Review and February Set-Up

Happy First Day of February! January has been a busy and stressful month. I’ve had Winter quarter start, a family member fall ill, big projects, and just the normal everyday stresses. Luckily, school has calmed down and I have settled into a decent groove. My family member has improved and is recovering well at home (Thank you, Lord.) Our big projects have finished, and our home life is returning to normal. I am ready for a new month…. especially when that month contains my birthday!!! Yay!!

I think we will start with my January review.   Some of you may remember that I decided to forego the habit tracker and mix up my monthly calendar. I am really happy with the calendar. This is my fourth bullet journal. There are times when I enjoy writing, lettering, and drawing all of my layouts, but it is nice to have the printables with the printed dates.

This next spread is my gratitude log and my daily log. I was actually really proud of myself for filling them out completely. My method is a little different then other bullet journalers. I don’t log each day. I found that I got burnt out when bullet journaling felt like a chore. Although, I do have a printable version available, I decided to draw this month’s sun ray gratitude log.

 That is it for my monthly pages. I kept it super simple for January.

My weeklies were pretty standard as I had a decent system. I used the following spread to track my daily events in the top box, and my school assignments in the bottom box.

 I also adopted a new menu planning method. I just reserved half a page for brainstorming meal ideas, and the rest of my meal planning and grocery list is made into a separate file that can be printed and taken to the store and be marked up.

Sidenote: If you are interested in the weekly meal plans with grocery lists, they are posted each Monday. You can also visit the Planet Plan It Pinterest board for menu planning. All tried recipes are marked as such and also whether or not my family liked it. 

Here is a snapshot of my dailies. I switched to half-page dailies, and it worked well. For me, having the weather, a water intake, any important reminders, and my daily task list. I really only need half of a page. If you are busier, or like more items on your pages, you may need more.

The last pages I am going to share from January are my lists/collection pages. I have a couple of them including: trip planners and brainstorming pages.

Moving forward to February!

I love February. Valentine’s Day is on of my favorite holidays because I get to create fun, cute gifts for my family. Aaaaand my birthday is in February… I already said that, but it is exciting. Before I jump into my spreads and pages, I want to say that I will have all the printables posted in the library, but I am running behind.

One thing that I left out in January, but I really love, are the ‘Welcome February (or any month)’ wreath/borders. Here is the one that I created, and I am in love. I love the ‘tweet hearts’.

Next spread contains my monthly spread. Nothing new. I liked the printable calendar, but didn’t have sticker paper so I drew it. I did decide to write my dates in on this one. It is available in the library.

The next spread will be my gratitude log and daily log. Notice that my gratitude log has a new theme! Of course this will be available on the library as well, but this was not a hard spread to create.

I omitted the habit tracker again this month. I am just not ready for it to be added back into my daily routine.

I also set up my first week spreadand dailies. I added the last two days of January onto my last weekly, so the rest of this week is put into the new, shortened version.

That is about it. I kept it simple. I just enjoyed the theme of Valentine’s Day and the little hearts everywhere.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Make sure you visit the Planet Plan It YouTube channel!



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Today was supposed to be the first Tuesday that I post a video to accompany my post, but I completely failed.

Here come my excuses. My phone died. I lost my script/facts…. and the video sucked.

I will, however, be doing a January review and a February set-up. If I am able to get the Bujo Tool Tuesday – Brush Pen Review filmed decently, then it will be posted. I apologize, but filming is much harder than I realized. Most of it is in my head, but I also want the video to be helpful for all of you.

That being said, I am working on projects that will go live shortly.


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Last Meal Plan Monday of January

Guten morgen!

Happy Monday to one and all. I am in chipper spirits this morning. My home life has been pretty hectic lately, and I have not gotten to spend very much time with my hunny in the last month or so. That is all changing. We have some big projects that are wrapping up, and life will go back to moving at a reasonable pace. Yay!

I would like to take a minute to reflect on the past few weeks of meal planning. I feel like I have found a working system. Meal planning has had so many benefits: my family is excited about dinner (and more grateful) because the meals/recipes, planning is amazing for my budget, less time is spent at the grocery store, and my moral is up because I feel like I am doing a good job.

A note about the Fruity Oatmeal Bake. You will notice that this recipe has become a staple on the menu. It is so delicious, and my kids loved making it. The one change we made was substituting another cup of old fashioned oats instead of the steel cut. Other than that, we love it!!

That being said, I would like to jump into these week’s meal plan!


My Salsa and Guacamole Recipe:

Verde Salsa

  • 8 tomatillos, de-husked and quartered
  • 1 white onion, peel removed and quartered
  • 1 jalapeno, de-seeded and halved
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 bunch of cilantro, chopped
  • olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  1. Pre-heat broiler.
  2. Place tomatillos, onion, garlic, and jalapeno on baking sheet.
  3. Rub olive oil all over vegetables.
  4. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste
  5. Roast 4 inches below broiler for 4-5 minutes, turn, and roast for another 5 minutes.
  6. Remove from head and place all roasted vegetables, cilantro, and juice of one lime or lemon into blender.
  7. Blend until mixture is a course puree.

Cheater Guacamole

  • 2 avacados
  • 1 cup verde salsa (from above recipe)
  • lime or lemon juice
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cut, remove seed, and scrap pulp of avacado into a bowl.
  2. Add salsa, 1/2 tsp salt, a little lime/lemon juice to same bowl and mix together (I use a potato masher or throw it all in the blender).
  3. Add additional salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste.

A couple changes to the format that I am trying out are that I took out the list (right sided column) that housed ingredients for breakfast, lunches, snacks, and drinks. They were filled with what needed, but I am not sure how helpful they are to all of you.

Find this weeks grocery list here.

If you want them put back, please leave a comment below.

Have a great day!