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What Stays and What Goes Along with Planning My Inserts

Hey Hey!

This is one of my favorite parts of starting a new journal/notebook. Evaluating my past system and deciding what has worked and planning what new pages I am going to try is one of the best things about this whole system. I guess I should be clear that I plan on doing bullet journaling in my TN.

After sizing up my Webster’s Pages TN, I discovered that four notebooks will fit best. The final list that I have decided on for notebooks is:

  • permanent lists & calendars
  • monthly/weekly/daily
  • blog
  • health & fitness
  • work (this will remain in my Leuchtturm Jottbook)

When I was planning what spreads and tracking would go where, I decided that having one spread to look at would be easiest. When I purchased my Moleskine Cahier notebooks, I set one aside for planning, doodling, and spread experimentation. The Moleskines are the same length, but are narrower than Leuchtturm and Scribbles That Matter notebooks, so I wanted to get used to the new size. Here is my notebooks:


I decided that having one spread to see all four notebooks would be best for planning. I split each page in half to make my plans.

As I went through my Scribbles That Matter notebook, I decided that I like most of my spreads. I may switch them up a little, but the biggest changes came in my blog notebook. I will be pairing down the number of idea pages and will be getting rid of the inventory pages for now.

One of the biggest things that I wanted to change about my planning (besides switching to a TN) is to hand-draw more. I am going to attempt drawing more of my spreads. We will see how it goes. I will be filming my set-up as well as a couple more tutorials.

See ya soon!


Supplies Used:

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Getting Some TN Inspiration

Hey Friends!

So, I have gathered some supplies and done the initial assembly on my TN, but now I am looking for inspiration about what the content of my TN will be. Coming from a bullet journal in a notebook, I think I was a little stuck thinking that I had to do my planning in the same way. In my notebook(s), I did personal planning in my Scribbles That Matter notebook, and my blog and work planning were done in separate Leuchtturm Jottbooks. It was this separation that was what first pushed me toward the TN system.

I started looking at how others plan in their TN and came across this video by Cre8tive Cre8tions by Andrea Gomoll:

I searched for other Webster’s Pages Color Crush TNs because that is what I use and found this YouTube channel. Andrea shared how she plans and I thought that it was really interesting that she has separate notebooks for yearly and monthly/week/daily planning. This blindsided me. It was like all my prayers have been answered. Make sure to visit her channel and subscribe as well as check out her online shop.

Another eye-opener was when I was watching some Erin Condren unboxings and people started talking about a ‘perpetual planner’. In essence, a perpetual planner has all of the days of the year, but not days of the week. This means that you can track birthdays and holidays and use it each year instead of having to recreate it with each year or planner.

This video shows the calender pretty well as well as providing some ideas on how to use the calendars that come with the Erin Condren planners… but that’s not why we are here.

With this new inspiration, I brainstormed what I wanted each of my notebooks to be. Here is the preliminary list that I came up with:

  • Permanent (similar to perpetual planner)
  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily
  • Fitness & Health
  • Neta Marie Designs blog
  • Work

When you are looking for inspiration of your own, I suggest looking on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and more. There are so many great ideas. Along with some of the inspiration on what each notebook will hold, I also found some page spread ideas as well.

  • There is a month-at-a-glance page from Cre8tive Cre8tions video above (at 10:36 minutes in) that I really loved. The page would need tweaking to fit my specific needs.
  • Another thing I keep seeing are little affirmations that people include on their spreads and I want to include them in my Fitness & Health notebook. I searched ‘daily affirmations’ on  Google and found Louise Hay’s website. There is a new affirmation each day (today is ‘I love myself just the way I am.’)

While you are looking, I suggest that you create a Pinterest board, YouTube playlist, and other ways to save your favorite ideas. Here are mine:

I will be continuing to look for inspiration and will also be starting my actual planning soon. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself. I am combining my next two planned posts into one, so make sure to tune in for the next post in Making the Move from Bujo to TN: What Stays and What Goes and Planning My Inserts.

See ya soon!


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What I learned after hosting my first challenge on Instagram


Many of you know that May was the first month that I hosted my own challenge, #LetteringMayFlowers. It was a super fun month and challenge, and I have since decided to extend the challenge and keep going and am hosting the #AFlowerADay_June challenge this month. That first challenge was eye-opening and I learned many things. I thought that it may be helpful to some of my fellow Instagram-ers if I shared what I learned.

First off, hosting challenges is so fun, and I 100% recommend that you take the plunge and host one if you are thinking about it. These tips/tricks are meant to make the hosting and planning job easier for you.

My tips for hosting challenges:

  • Pick a topic that you are interested in
  • Create your challenge image and make sure that it can be read easily on Instagram (that seems to be where most challenge participants look when deciding which ones to do)
  • Include the following on your challenge image:
    • your Instagram handle
    • the challenge tag (make sure that this is very unique because you don’t want your challenge posts getting mixed with another)
    • the prompts
    • the type of challenge (i.e. planning, doodle, draw, paint, reading, hand lettering, etc.)
  • Post your challenge at least twice – once about 10 days before the challenge is scheduled to begin and again the day before
  • In the description of your challenge:
    • make sure to indicate how and when you will feature participants work
    • tag or DM the challenge Instagram accounts (these are accounts that just share challenges and they are a great way to get your challenge seen by more people)
    • Extras: prizes?
  • Keep your word – strive to keep up with your challenge (rare slip ups are normal) and stick with your features schedule to motivate your participants

This was a short post, but I hope you found it helpful and informative for those of you thinking about becoming a host.

Have a great day!


P.S. I think it would also be fun to co-host with someone (if you are interested – send me an email

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So how the frick to you transition to a travelers notebook from a notebook, bullet journal?!

Hey You!

I have to start by saying that I have been in a really good state of mind for June. I think the excitement of switching up my planning game has me a little bit happier overall. I am really looking forward to all of the possibilities.

Let’s get started!

Some of you may have had the same questions as the title of this post. My answer? I have no clue, but I plan on taking you all on my journey this month. I will say that the bullet journal in a traditional notebook 📓 is still amazing, but I have a little bit more going on in my life than I did when I first stumbled upon bullet journaling. I think having separate inserts (notebooks) may help me stay organized and also track things better too.

I wanted to try to keep myself focused, so here is a list of the posts that I will be sharing with you in these next few weeks as I plan my new traveler’s notebook, or ‘TN’:

Has anyone made this switch before? Maybe even the switch from TN to bujo? Can you give me some tips?? Leave them in the comments below.

Before I let you go, I thought I would  show you (again) my chosen Traveler’s Notebooks from Webster’s Pages 😍


Aren’t they beautiful? Shown above are my Mint Floral and Champagne TNs. These notebooks have some pretty awesome features. Each notebook has:


  • Outer elastic with a fun tag (my mint TN tag says ‘Grow with Grace’ and my champagne TN tag says ‘Hello Beautiful’)
  • Covers are a durable plastic/faux leather material
  • Internal card slots (2)
  • Photo slot in front cover
  • Four insert elastic
  • Back storage pocket for a long notebook as well as a bigger side-open pocket
  • Blank notebook insert included

I found these at my local JoAnn’s store. With a coupon, they end up being really affordable – well, actually they are affordable anyways. The price in store starts at about $32.99, but coupons are always a good idea!

If you are taking this journey of starting a TN with me, share your photos and finds either via comments, Instagram @NetaMarieDesigns, or email at

Stay tuned for the next post in this awesome TN journey!! Make sure to subscribe here on WordPress or follow me on Instagram @NetaMarieDesigns to get a notifications when the next post is up!

Have a wonderful day!

Supply Links :

P.S. – I started using Bitly to shorten some of the links down because they were sooo long, but if you would prefer the original links, just let me know.
Yes, some the product links are Amazon Affiliate links. All that means is that if you make a purchase, Amazon gives me a percentage of the earnings (at no extra cost to you), for referring you to their product/site. If you do chose to order from Amazon, make sure you give Amazon Prime a try, click here to take advantage of a 30-day free trial, so you can get free 2-day shipping too!
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Neta Marie Designs – May Stats, Growth, and Goals

Hey Y’all!

Welcome to the second post in this series of monthly stats, goals, and growth tracking posts. April was our first month and the data included some information prior to April, but this post will feature only information on growth in the month of May. This should paint a better picture for those who are looking at starting a blog of their own and want to see what growth looks like.

Let’s get to it!

General Planet Plan It Blog Traffic

May brought in 110 more views with 6,613 versus 6,503 views in April.

Blog Post Data

I gave regular posting a good effort in May. I posted quite a few times.

There were 6 posts in May compared to 5 in April

Need a recap of what was posted? The list below shows what the big world of Neta Marie Designs was talkin’ about.

Blog Post Listing (from newest to oldest):

My most popular post is still my old Plan-With-Me Post as I begin my new Bullet Journal. I can’t be mad though. That post is so image-heavy and idea-filled that I look back at it often too!


Blog Referrers:

If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog, it is helpful to know where the traffic comes from.

Pinterest has been my biggest source of traffic for a long time. Even the lesser referrers are Pinterest sites from other countries!


Other Social Media:

So, May was a great month, but also a stressful one. I bit the bullet and changed/rebranded my blog and all my social media from Planet Plan It to Neta Marie Designs. The change came about because I want to see my blog and work here grow, but I also discovered another site called Plan It Planet. Because they had been around longer, I chose to rebrand, so here I am. It was stressful, but went smoother than I expected.

Although I thought the rebrand may hurt my numbers, I have to say that I saw the opposite effect. It seemed like many people were very receptive of my new name 🙂

Instagram @NetaMarieDesigns: April ended with 690 followers and May ended with 745 followers (+55) with 40 new posts

Instagram @NMD_Challenges: With 87 new challenge posts, followers increased from 147 to 256 at the end of May (+109)

YouTube Channel: With only two videos posted, my channel subscribers grew from 21 to 31 subscribers (+10)

MailChimp (Newsletter): Grew from 820 subscribers in April to 903 subscribers by the end of May (+83)


Many people make money via YouTube, blogging, online shops, and affiliate links. Currently, my only earnings come from the Amazon Affiliate program.


My earnings for May were still minimal, but there seemed to be a lot of action on the links, so I will count it as a big win.

* I do try to disclose my Amazon Affiliate link use (like at the end of posts and videos) because it is required. If you have questions regarding these links, let me know. *

May Goals:

** Let’s see how I measured up! Goals achieved will be in GREEN and goals that weren’t achieved will be in RED**

I will try not to be long-winded with this. For the month of May 2017, I would like to:

  • Blog
    • Grow blog newsletter subscribers to 1000 I grew to 903, but fell short of my goal (-97)
    • Grow views to 8000 I fell short and only got 6,613 views, so I was about 1,387 views. 
    • Grow visitors to 3000 I bested this goal and got 3,454 visitors (+454)!!
    • Post at least 10 times I was only able to post 6 times (-4).
  • Instagram
    • grow @NetaMarieDesigns main account to 1000 followers I am gaining on this goal, but didn’t make it all the way in May. I made it to 745 followers (-255).
    • grow @NMD_Challenges account to 200 followers Bam! Goal achieved! I was able to onboard 211 followers (+11)!!
  • YouTube
    • Post 4 videos Only 2 videos made it up on the ‘Tube (-2)
    • grow followers to 30 Followers increased over 30 to 31 (+1) Woot Woot!

Well, that is a lot of red, but I see it as opportunities to grow. It will be interesting to see if I meet my filming and posting goals if my subscriber and viewer rate will meet goals as well.

What are my goals for June?


  • Grow blog newsletter subscribers to 1000
  • Grow views to 8,000
  • Grow visitors to 4,000
  • Post at least 10 times


  • grow @NetaMarieDesigns main account to 1000 followers
  • grow @NMD_Challenges account to 300 followers



  • Post 4 videos
  • grow followers to 40


Welp, that is a snapshot of May on NetaMarieDesigns. I love seeing posts like these even though they may not be so exciting to others. Don’t worry, though, tomorrow I will be back to bullet journaling!

Have a awesome night!


Lets get connected!

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June’s AFlowerADay Challenge!!

Happy Friday, Y’all!

This month’s #LetteringMayFlowers challenge has been so fun! I have really enjoyed the daily prompts myself as well as seeing all the others that have taken part in it. I figured that I enjoyed it so much, that I will make it an ongoing challenge…

* Drum roll please *

Here is my June challenge, prompt list for the new Neta Marie Design’s A Flower A Day challenge.

I made a couple minor changes. I tried to make this a more creative challenge rather than marketing it mostly as lettering. I feel like most participants enjoy drawing the flower as well as lettering or writing the name. Really, though, do whatever you enjoy. I enjoy seeing everyone’s creative spirit in their posts.

Please make sure to tune in for my #LetteringMayFlowers challenge recap that will be coming out at the beginning of June.

I hope that you all can join me! Make sure to use the hastag #AFlowerADay_June I feature the work of various participants in my Instagram stories, so make sure that you are following me on Instagram @NetaMarieDesigns.

Have an amazing day!