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What I learned after hosting my first challenge on Instagram


Many of you know that May was the first month that I hosted my own challenge, #LetteringMayFlowers. It was a super fun month and challenge, and I have since decided to extend the challenge and keep going and am hosting the #AFlowerADay_June challenge this month. That first challenge was eye-opening and I learned many things. I thought that it may be helpful to some of my fellow Instagram-ers if I shared what I learned.

First off, hosting challenges is so fun, and I 100% recommend that you take the plunge and host one if you are thinking about it. These tips/tricks are meant to make the hosting and planning job easier for you.

My tips for hosting challenges:

  • Pick a topic that you are interested in
  • Create your challenge image and make sure that it can be read easily on Instagram (that seems to be where most challenge participants look when deciding which ones to do)
  • Include the following on your challenge image:
    • your Instagram handle
    • the challenge tag (make sure that this is very unique because you don’t want your challenge posts getting mixed with another)
    • the prompts
    • the type of challenge (i.e. planning, doodle, draw, paint, reading, hand lettering, etc.)
  • Post your challenge at least twice – once about 10 days before the challenge is scheduled to begin and again the day before
  • In the description of your challenge:
    • make sure to indicate how and when you will feature participants work
    • tag or DM the challenge Instagram accounts (these are accounts that just share challenges and they are a great way to get your challenge seen by more people)
    • Extras: prizes?
  • Keep your word – strive to keep up with your challenge (rare slip ups are normal) and stick with your features schedule to motivate your participants

This was a short post, but I hope you found it helpful and informative for those of you thinking about becoming a host.

Have a great day!


P.S. I think it would also be fun to co-host with someone (if you are interested – send me an email

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So how the frick to you transition to a travelers notebook from a notebook, bullet journal?!

Hey You!

I have to start by saying that I have been in a really good state of mind for June. I think the excitement of switching up my planning game has me a little bit happier overall. I am really looking forward to all of the possibilities.

Let’s get started!

Some of you may have had the same questions as the title of this post. My answer? I have no clue, but I plan on taking you all on my journey this month. I will say that the bullet journal in a traditional notebook 📓 is still amazing, but I have a little bit more going on in my life than I did when I first stumbled upon bullet journaling. I think having separate inserts (notebooks) may help me stay organized and also track things better too.

I wanted to try to keep myself focused, so here is a list of the posts that I will be sharing with you in these next few weeks as I plan my new traveler’s notebook, or ‘TN’:

Has anyone made this switch before? Maybe even the switch from TN to bujo? Can you give me some tips?? Leave them in the comments below.

Before I let you go, I thought I would  show you (again) my chosen Traveler’s Notebooks from Webster’s Pages 😍


Aren’t they beautiful? Shown above are my Mint Floral and Champagne TNs. These notebooks have some pretty awesome features. Each notebook has:


  • Outer elastic with a fun tag (my mint TN tag says ‘Grow with Grace’ and my champagne TN tag says ‘Hello Beautiful’)
  • Covers are a durable plastic/faux leather material
  • Internal card slots (2)
  • Photo slot in front cover
  • Four insert elastic
  • Back storage pocket for a long notebook as well as a bigger side-open pocket
  • Blank notebook insert included

I found these at my local JoAnn’s store. With a coupon, they end up being really affordable – well, actually they are affordable anyways. The price in store starts at about $32.99, but coupons are always a good idea!

If you are taking this journey of starting a TN with me, share your photos and finds either via comments, Instagram @NetaMarieDesigns, or email at

Stay tuned for the next post in this awesome TN journey!! Make sure to subscribe here on WordPress or follow me on Instagram @NetaMarieDesigns to get a notifications when the next post is up!

Have a wonderful day!

Supply Links :

P.S. – I started using Bitly to shorten some of the links down because they were sooo long, but if you would prefer the original links, just let me know.
Yes, some the product links are Amazon Affiliate links. All that means is that if you make a purchase, Amazon gives me a percentage of the earnings (at no extra cost to you), for referring you to their product/site. If you do chose to order from Amazon, make sure you give Amazon Prime a try, click here to take advantage of a 30-day free trial, so you can get free 2-day shipping too!
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Neta Marie Designs – May Stats, Growth, and Goals

Hey Y’all!

Welcome to the second post in this series of monthly stats, goals, and growth tracking posts. April was our first month and the data included some information prior to April, but this post will feature only information on growth in the month of May. This should paint a better picture for those who are looking at starting a blog of their own and want to see what growth looks like.

Let’s get to it!

General Planet Plan It Blog Traffic

May brought in 110 more views with 6,613 versus 6,503 views in April.

Blog Post Data

I gave regular posting a good effort in May. I posted quite a few times.

There were 6 posts in May compared to 5 in April

Need a recap of what was posted? The list below shows what the big world of Neta Marie Designs was talkin’ about.

Blog Post Listing (from newest to oldest):

My most popular post is still my old Plan-With-Me Post as I begin my new Bullet Journal. I can’t be mad though. That post is so image-heavy and idea-filled that I look back at it often too!


Blog Referrers:

If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog, it is helpful to know where the traffic comes from.

Pinterest has been my biggest source of traffic for a long time. Even the lesser referrers are Pinterest sites from other countries!


Other Social Media:

So, May was a great month, but also a stressful one. I bit the bullet and changed/rebranded my blog and all my social media from Planet Plan It to Neta Marie Designs. The change came about because I want to see my blog and work here grow, but I also discovered another site called Plan It Planet. Because they had been around longer, I chose to rebrand, so here I am. It was stressful, but went smoother than I expected.

Although I thought the rebrand may hurt my numbers, I have to say that I saw the opposite effect. It seemed like many people were very receptive of my new name 🙂

Instagram @NetaMarieDesigns: April ended with 690 followers and May ended with 745 followers (+55) with 40 new posts

Instagram @NMD_Challenges: With 87 new challenge posts, followers increased from 147 to 256 at the end of May (+109)

YouTube Channel: With only two videos posted, my channel subscribers grew from 21 to 31 subscribers (+10)

MailChimp (Newsletter): Grew from 820 subscribers in April to 903 subscribers by the end of May (+83)


Many people make money via YouTube, blogging, online shops, and affiliate links. Currently, my only earnings come from the Amazon Affiliate program.


My earnings for May were still minimal, but there seemed to be a lot of action on the links, so I will count it as a big win.

* I do try to disclose my Amazon Affiliate link use (like at the end of posts and videos) because it is required. If you have questions regarding these links, let me know. *

May Goals:

** Let’s see how I measured up! Goals achieved will be in GREEN and goals that weren’t achieved will be in RED**

I will try not to be long-winded with this. For the month of May 2017, I would like to:

  • Blog
    • Grow blog newsletter subscribers to 1000 I grew to 903, but fell short of my goal (-97)
    • Grow views to 8000 I fell short and only got 6,613 views, so I was about 1,387 views. 
    • Grow visitors to 3000 I bested this goal and got 3,454 visitors (+454)!!
    • Post at least 10 times I was only able to post 6 times (-4).
  • Instagram
    • grow @NetaMarieDesigns main account to 1000 followers I am gaining on this goal, but didn’t make it all the way in May. I made it to 745 followers (-255).
    • grow @NMD_Challenges account to 200 followers Bam! Goal achieved! I was able to onboard 211 followers (+11)!!
  • YouTube
    • Post 4 videos Only 2 videos made it up on the ‘Tube (-2)
    • grow followers to 30 Followers increased over 30 to 31 (+1) Woot Woot!

Well, that is a lot of red, but I see it as opportunities to grow. It will be interesting to see if I meet my filming and posting goals if my subscriber and viewer rate will meet goals as well.

What are my goals for June?


  • Grow blog newsletter subscribers to 1000
  • Grow views to 8,000
  • Grow visitors to 4,000
  • Post at least 10 times


  • grow @NetaMarieDesigns main account to 1000 followers
  • grow @NMD_Challenges account to 300 followers



  • Post 4 videos
  • grow followers to 40


Welp, that is a snapshot of May on NetaMarieDesigns. I love seeing posts like these even though they may not be so exciting to others. Don’t worry, though, tomorrow I will be back to bullet journaling!

Have a awesome night!


Lets get connected!

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My April 2017 Likes & Dislikes

Happy Saturday to All!

Today, I wanted to do a quick video showing my likes and dislikes. This is a segment I would like to continue doing each month with new products. For this specific video and post, I am going to lay the foundation and share my favorite products so far in my planning/bullet journaling journey (say that five times fast).

There is no specific category of items in the video, I discussed notebooks, pens, storage, paper, subscription services, and more. There are links at the bottom of the post if you are interested in any products. Let me know what you think about this video. I was inspired by makeup YouTube channel videos that I have seen and wondered why we couldn’t do this in the planner/bullet journal community.

Have a great day! Remember to subscribe to the Planet Plan It YouTube channel!


Supplies Used:

• Scribbles that Matter Notebook in Gray with Yellow:
• Leuchtturm Jottbook:
• Leuchtturm A5 Hard Cover Notebook:
• Moleskine Cahier Squared 3-pack:
• Webster’s Pages Travelers Notebook: (These also are sold at some JoAnn’s stores: )
• Kyokuto F.O.B B5 Ring-Bound, Dotted:

• Crayola SuperTips:
• Sharpie Fine Point Pens:
• Pentel Sign Brush Pens:
• Zebra Mildliners:

For more thoughts on pens as well as an in depth pen test and review, please check out my Bujo Tool Tuesday videos on pens:
• Fineliners and Daily Writers:
• Highlighters:
• Brush Pens:

• SnapWare Stackable Storage Containers:
• The Monster Factory VW Pencil Case:
• Floral Anchor Zipper Pouch from SewingScientistJen on Etsy:

Subscription Services:
• Ipsy:
• Spotlight Stationary:

Other Supplies and Items:
• DCWV Project Paper (Vintage Roses – used as background in video):
• DCWV Project Paper (Floral Geo):
• Recollections Craft It Mini Stamps:

Inspiration for my feather mood tracker:
• Instagram

If you want to try out Amazon Prime to get free 2-day shipping, here is a link to a free 30-day trial:

Yes, some the product links are Amazon Affiliate links. All that means is that if you make a purchase, Amazon gives me a percentage of the earnings (at no extra cost to you), for referring you to their product/site.

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April Review and Flip Through

Hi Friends,

I hope you all doing great, and that the month of May is treating you well so far. One of my goals with my blog is to start sharing my blog more often. Many of you have seen the Plan With Me for May post and  video. Now, I would like to share a recap of my bullet journal for April.

I gave this post quite a bit of thought and ended up deciding that pictures as well as end reflection might be the most useful.

Oh and there is an actual flip through video on my Instagram @Planet_PlanIt that you should check out!

Let’s get started!

Most of you know my planning routine and know that I like having a definite break in pages between months. I love all of the ‘Hello April (or whatever month)’ pages. This month, I decided to doodle an Easter basket instead of a wreath.

My first full spread is my April monthly calendar wheel. I color the weekends in to make it easier to read. I enjoy how flexible this calendar style is because there are days where I have nothing going on and other days where I have too much and it wouldn’t fit in a traditional calendar.

The next spread is my goals and habit tracker. These are pretty self-explanatory.

Third spread is my April gratitude log and daily log. I have said before in set-up videos that I don’t log these every day, so I don’t make a slot for every day on my gratitude log. I do just enough to make notes of the good things going on.

This next spread is something that I was so excited to start. The left is my sleep tracker and the right is my headache tracker. Both of these are available on the Protected: Printable Tools and Freebies if you would like to try them. Both of these trackers have provided me with some amazing information about myself, but have also presented more questions. This information (when used in tandem with my ‘lady time’ tracker) may help me distinguish what triggers my headaches. I did make some tweaks for the month of May’s headache tracker, but both versions are up in the library.

The last pages I am going to talk about are my weekly and daily pages. My dailies were nothing special. I chose to cut down to half pages in this journal and there aren’t really any new changes. I did make some cosmetic changes to my weekly spreads though. In the month of April, I started using color palettes that I have found and pinned on Pinterest. Take a look at the board if you want some colorful inspiration. I love the palettes and they make it just a little more pleasing to look at. Below are just snapshots of my weekly spreads to show all the different palettes that I chose.

I lied – there is one more thing that I tried out. In my first week, I tried a single page sticker that tracked a week’s worth of fitness, water intake , and food tracking as part of my Beachbody 21 Day Fix plan. It was a bust. I messed up in the design by putting to many boxes for my plan.

I think the concept is good though, so I will be redesigning and correcting this sticker as well as varying the food intake to fix all 4 (A -D) food plans in 21 Day Fix.

I think I am actually finished now! I hope you all enjoyed this recap of April in my bullet journal!

Have a great day!


P.S. – As always, please comment below or email me at if you have comments, suggestions, or questions 🙂

Supplies Used

Yup, theses four links above are Amazon Affiliate links. You can also search on your own for the products. All these links do is give me a percentage of the purchase for referring you over there. This is of course at no additional cost to you and I personally recommend these products because I use them too!

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Planet Plan It – April Stats & May Goals

Hi Friends,

This is the first post in a monthly series sharing Planet Plan It’s growth. Outside of my Planet Plan It world, I work for a local hospital. Part of my job is to compile numbers for the work we complete. I actually enjoy working with numbers. I have been toying with the idea of publishing stats for a while and have decided to go for it.

On other blogs, I have seen monthly postings were the growth of their blog is documented as well as popular posts and other interesting information. I may be the only one that finds my particular information interesting, but for those of you looking to start your own blog can look at this data as well 🙂

Shall we dive in? I am going to provide some earlier 2017 data for reference.

General Planet Plan It Blog Traffic

april blog stat.png
April 2017 saw 6,503 views from 2,934 visitors. In the image above, we can see March 2017 was similar with 6,261 views from 2,734 visitors. So far for 2017, January has been the best month with 12,184 views from 5,384 visitors.


Blog Post Data

If you read any article about increasing blog traffic, you will probably see the advice that posting often is key. Do to college and home life (y’all get it) I wasn’t able to post as much and I truly believe that it effected my blog traffic.

blog posts.jpg
This image shows my posting schedule. My blog posting drastically dropped (just one post in February and March) as did my traffic. Although I have started posting more often, it will take time to regain the numbers seen in better months.

So, what did I post? Good question! April was full of brainstorming for me and I have started posting on new subjects!

Blog Post Listing (from newest to oldest):


This image shows the most popular posts and pages on the Planet Plan It blog. The most popular post is and has been the ‘Plan-With-Me Post as I begin my new Bullet Journal’. There are images of trackers that drive a lot of traffic to the blog. There were some new pages added and those received some traffic, but as far as posts, you can see that the ‘Plan With Me’ posts are the most popular.

Blog Referrers:

If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog, it is helpful to know where the traffic comes from.


Other Social Media:

There are so many ways to reach and connect with readers and followers. Currently, I know that I am not using all venues. Many bloggers use a combination of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and more.

I currently only have Instagram, YouTube, and my blog. I am looking at expanding. Below is the data regarding followers. I will be including the Planet Plan It Newsletter data here as its growth is also measured in followers.

Instagram @Planet_PlanIt: Ended April with 690 followers with 250 posts

Instagram @PlanetPlanItChallenges: Started on April 13th and ended April with 147 followers and 124 posts

YouTube Challenge: Ended with 21 channel subscribers (I posted only one video in April, but have a total of 9 videos)

MailChimp (Newsletter): Was noted as having 740 subscribers on April 3rd and ended on April 30th with 820 subscribers.


Many people make money via YouTube, blogging, online shops, and affiliate links. Currently, Planet Plan It only earnings come from the Amazon Affiliate program.


My earnings for April will minimal, but a couple bucks is a couple bucks. The graph above shows how many people clicked on my links, how many purchased items (fees), and how many purchased a service (bounties).

* I do try to disclose my Amazon Affiliate link use (like at the end of posts and videos) because it is required. If you have questions regarding these links, let me know. *

May Goals:

I will try not to be long-winded with this. For the month of May 2017, I would like to:

  • Blog
    • Grow blog newsletter subscribers to 1000
    • Grow views to 8000
    • Grow visitors to 3000
    • Post at least 10 times
  • Instagram
    • grow @Planet_PlanIt main account to 1000 followers
    • grow @PlanetPlanItChallenges account to 200 followers
  • YouTube
    • Post 4 videos
    • grow followers to 30

That is how April has played out for Planet Plan It. I hope this information with be useful or interesting to some of you. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to comment below or email me at

Have a great night!


Lets get connected!