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Planet Plan It – April Stats & May Goals

Hi Friends,

This is the first post in a monthly series sharing Planet Plan It’s growth. Outside of my Planet Plan It world, I work for a local hospital. Part of my job is to compile numbers for the work we complete. I actually enjoy working with numbers. I have been toying with the idea of publishing stats for a while and have decided to go for it.

On other blogs, I have seen monthly postings were the growth of their blog is documented as well as popular posts and other interesting information. I may be the only one that finds my particular information interesting, but for those of you looking to start your own blog can look at this data as well 🙂

Shall we dive in? I am going to provide some earlier 2017 data for reference.

General Planet Plan It Blog Traffic

april blog stat.png
April 2017 saw 6,503 views from 2,934 visitors. In the image above, we can see March 2017 was similar with 6,261 views from 2,734 visitors. So far for 2017, January has been the best month with 12,184 views from 5,384 visitors.


Blog Post Data

If you read any article about increasing blog traffic, you will probably see the advice that posting often is key. Do to college and home life (y’all get it) I wasn’t able to post as much and I truly believe that it effected my blog traffic.

blog posts.jpg
This image shows my posting schedule. My blog posting drastically dropped (just one post in February and March) as did my traffic. Although I have started posting more often, it will take time to regain the numbers seen in better months.

So, what did I post? Good question! April was full of brainstorming for me and I have started posting on new subjects!

Blog Post Listing (from newest to oldest):


This image shows the most popular posts and pages on the Planet Plan It blog. The most popular post is and has been the ‘Plan-With-Me Post as I begin my new Bullet Journal’. There are images of trackers that drive a lot of traffic to the blog. There were some new pages added and those received some traffic, but as far as posts, you can see that the ‘Plan With Me’ posts are the most popular.

Blog Referrers:

If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog, it is helpful to know where the traffic comes from.


Other Social Media:

There are so many ways to reach and connect with readers and followers. Currently, I know that I am not using all venues. Many bloggers use a combination of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, blogs, YouTube and more.

I currently only have Instagram, YouTube, and my blog. I am looking at expanding. Below is the data regarding followers. I will be including the Planet Plan It Newsletter data here as its growth is also measured in followers.

Instagram @Planet_PlanIt: Ended April with 690 followers with 250 posts

Instagram @PlanetPlanItChallenges: Started on April 13th and ended April with 147 followers and 124 posts

YouTube Challenge: Ended with 21 channel subscribers (I posted only one video in April, but have a total of 9 videos)

MailChimp (Newsletter): Was noted as having 740 subscribers on April 3rd and ended on April 30th with 820 subscribers.


Many people make money via YouTube, blogging, online shops, and affiliate links. Currently, Planet Plan It only earnings come from the Amazon Affiliate program.


My earnings for April will minimal, but a couple bucks is a couple bucks. The graph above shows how many people clicked on my links, how many purchased items (fees), and how many purchased a service (bounties).

* I do try to disclose my Amazon Affiliate link use (like at the end of posts and videos) because it is required. If you have questions regarding these links, let me know. *

May Goals:

I will try not to be long-winded with this. For the month of May 2017, I would like to:

  • Blog
    • Grow blog newsletter subscribers to 1000
    • Grow views to 8000
    • Grow visitors to 3000
    • Post at least 10 times
  • Instagram
    • grow @Planet_PlanIt main account to 1000 followers
    • grow @PlanetPlanItChallenges account to 200 followers
  • YouTube
    • Post 4 videos
    • grow followers to 30

That is how April has played out for Planet Plan It. I hope this information with be useful or interesting to some of you. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to comment below or email me at

Have a great night!


Lets get connected!


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