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Plan With Me for May

Hi Friends!

May is fast approaching, and I was actually able to get myself together enough to plan ahead of time. I know, I know… shocking. I was even able to film a video for the YouTube channel!!

Anyways, lets dive in.

Getting started in my planning actually began a couple weeks ago. I counted pages and estimated what page my dailies would end on and reserved half of the page to make notes for May. I just kept track of thoughts, ideas, additions, and things I will be discontinuing. The biggest change is that I am going to back off habit tracking again. I tried it in April, but I am still habit-tracker burnt out.


This page is nothing fancy. You can really get into this and make it as elaborate as you want. I do recommend that everyone reflects on the prior month while planning, so that your planner/bullet journal can by fully tailored to fit your needs.

Next task is gathering supplies which were printables in this case. I looked through and decided what my pages would be and if I needed printables for them.


Printable or Draw

Hello May Draw
Monthly Calendar Wheel Printable
Gratitude Log & Daily Log Draw
Sleep Tracker Printable
Headache Tracker Printable
Likes & Dislikes Draw
Mood Tracker Draw
Step Tracker Printable
Goals Draw

I did not create this table while planning, it is purely for this post, but you definitely could pre-plan pages and spreads.Β Here is a printable page layout sheet.

If you follow me Instagram, you may have already seen my short video of me creating my May banner. I saw a Pin of Pinterest that inspired the drawing by Free Pretty Things For You (take a look at all the cool stuff on their site).


Although, I ended up coloring in my banner, I almost wish I would have kept it black and white. It is such a simple design, and I was so excited that I could easily do it.

These next few pages are pretty self explanatory. The video (above) shows how I insert the stickers and some pointers I have to get them to lay nicely.





Coming up next is my May Likes & Dislikes page which I like to have to track throughout the month because I am toying with the idea of doing monthly ‘Likes and Dislikes’ videos On the right side of this spread is my new mood tracker. This seems to be kind of a new trend, which I really enjoy and can see the benefits in keeping track of. Especially for people (like me) who sometimes suffer from depression. Last month, I tried out a feather design inspired by a design by Fiona over at on Instagram. I love the feather idea and will probably do it again, but for May I decided to try a different idea I had. My Grandma introduced my to Zentangle last summer and I really enjoy it. Here is a link to a Pinterest search with a bunch of Zentangle examples and designs.Β I decided that I wanted to do a Zentangle design that was color coded like a mood mandala/tracker. The other part of the idea is that I thought it would be fun to do animal designs. For May, I settled on a giraffe design.


This is a prototype of the printable that I will be making, but I am really excited. So excited, that I already created all of the Zentangle-y designs on the giraffe.

The next page/printable that is new this month is my step tracker. I wear a FitBit, so my daily steps are logged. I thought it would be fun, and hopefully motiviating to see how many steps I can accumulate for the entire month…. kind of like a competition against myself.



There are printable PDFs available in the library. Each PDF has a table numbered on the bottom axis 1-31 for the days of the month, and increments of 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 steps per day going up the vertical axis. There is even a bonus PDF with extra increments at the top for those who are above and beyond. If you need a PDF with different increments (i.e. 1,000, 15,000, 20,000, or even more – let me know).

The last page here is my goals. Nothing special, but I find that constant reminders keep me on track… or at least thinking about the track.



That is all I have for today. Make sure to check back for my April review post.


P.S. – My end of month newsletter will be going out tomorrow Sunday, April 30th. If you are interested in signing up and have not done so already click here to be directed to the sign-up form. The newsletters will keep you up to date and will also provide you with up-to-date passcodes for the free Printable Tools and Freebies library.

Supplies Used:

Yes, the product links are Amazon affiliate links. All that means is that if you make a purchase, Amazon gives me a percentage of the earnings (at no extra cost to you), for referring you to their product/site.



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