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Planet Plan It Letter Challenges!!!

Don’t worry, your normal program will resume shortly. This will only take a minute.

I am too excited to wait and want to introduce the Planet Plan It Lettering Challenges for the month of May!!!

First is the #LetterMayFlowers

I found a list of flowers that bloom in May. It was such a lovely list. While I was creating the list, I thought it was a great idea to familiarize myself with which flowers are blooming in different months because sometime soon my Hunny and I are going to tie the knot.

The second challenge I am introducing is all about one of the funniest (in my opinion) movies, Step Brothers.

To join, use #StepBrosLettering on your posts.

The movie is a little crude, and the language may offend some- so be warned. I am not one of these people. I find this movie incredibly hilarious.

I am so excited to start these. I would love for you to join me. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @Planet_PlanIt and use #StepBrosLettering or #LetteringMayFlowers

Have an awesome day!


P.S. – I know I have pushed this a lot, but make sure you check out the new @PlanetPlanItChallenges page and view all the amazing challenges everyone comes up with and is participating in.


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