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Storing all my bullet journal crap (er I mean stuff) and how to decided what comes with you on a daily basis!!


So, I have a deep love for pens. Always have. Always will. Bullet journaling has woken the beast and my addiction has grown stronger. I am pretty sure I will need an intervention sooner or later.

The biggest problem with my addiction is storage. FYI – this post excludes how I store notebooks… because I don’t have a system for that.

When it comes to storing pens, I feel like these are my only options:

Store pens in their original packaging… if possible. Some pens were purchased individually. P.S. – I have no clue where that fourth pen is.
Store different types of pens in different pouches… but then find a bigger bag to pack all the pouches. HA! This was an adorable idea.

After realizing that the first two just aren’t going to work, I looked on. I searched and searched and searched for a suitable storage system, but it is not as easy as I thought it would be to find. Finally, I stumbled on these storage containers!!

Here are some of the features that I really like:

  • stackable
  • locking
  • variation in bin depth
  • lightweight
  • handle
  • Size is roughly 6″ x 9″ (so I can take them in a bag if needed)
I want to show all the bins snapped together. I have four bins here (3 deep and 1 shallow). Each bin houses contains pens of specific types (i.e. brush, daily writer, gel, etc.). Going from top to bottom: fine/daily writers, brush pens (x2), and gel pens.
Here I have pulled all the bins apart to show the contents. They actually house a ton of pens! (P.S. if you are interested in purchasing any of pens or containers you see, links will be down at the bottom)

When I purchased these, I actually got two different sets. I have since then purchased more because I really like them AND I have more pens.

I purchased two more units with two deep bins each and plan on organizing the rest of my:

  • felt tip pens
  • upgrading my gel pens to a deep bin
  • washi tape
  • stamps
  • notepads will go into the shallow bin

Now, I know what you are going to ask next. “Neta, are you seriously going to lug all of that everywhere?” Answer – yes. Just kidding. No, not really. This will be home storage. I made the decision to re-purpose one of my pouches into my daily pen stash. These will travel with me and my journal. I chose a pouch that was big enough to hold a decent amount of pens, yet can easily fit into my purses.

I decided that my daily hand-lettering challenges (see this post for more info) will probably be done at home, so there is no reason that I need to bring all 5 billion pens with me everywhere. It was like choosing a favorite child… or maybe favorite pet, but I think I narrowed it down pretty well.

Don’t you love this pouch!? It comes in four different colors: blue, orange, pink, and red (pictured). This one measures about 7″ x 2″ x 3.5″

Here are the contents:


Quick list of what is in here (starting from top left moving clockwise):

I thought that I could take a little of everything I use to do daily bullet journaling. With these pens, I can do regular writing, hand-lettering (for titles and whatnot), shading, and sketching or drafts. All of my weekly set-ups and challenges will be done at home when I have access to more supplies.

I would love to see what supplies or systems you use for storage. If you take a picture, tag me on Instagram @Planet_PlanIt

Have a great Sunday, and to those that celebrate the holiday, Happy Easter!




  • SnapWare Stackable Container (2 deep bins): 
  • SnapWare Stackable Containers (2 deep bins and 1 shallow):
  • VW Bus Pen Pouch by Monster Factory (blue, orange, red, and pink colors available):
  • Various other pouches: So, I purchased these make-up pouches a long time ago at Fred Meyers. If you just want to round out your Amazon order (or don’t have Fred Meyer stores near you), this pouch is a similar size as the larger, floral pouch pictured and comes in sooo many different patterns.

Pens (these are all pens that are seen in the pictures above):

I could go on and on. If there is a pen you like and want the link to, please comment below or email me at

P.S – Yes, the links are affiliate links, but these are all products that I recommend and like. I was not paid to review these and all opinions are my own. I just thought I would share the good things that I find with all of you. 🙂


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