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Is it April already?! See how I set up my new bullet journal in the Scribbles that Matter notebook!

Hi to All!

How the heck are ya? Long time no talk (… blog? I don’t know, but it is good to be back.)Here is another post on setting up a bullet journal. I love reading blog posts/watching videos about how people set up their bullet journals because everyone is different and every bullet journal is unique.

My bullet journals are different from one journal to the next. This time is even more different because I have even switched to a new notebook. This picture shows my old bullet journal in a Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in the color berry and my new bullet journal in the new gray and yellow notebook by Scribbles that Matter.


Here is a quick compare and contrast table showing the Leuchtturm 1917 A5, the Scribbles that Matter, and the Moleskine A5 notebooks:

  Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Notebook Scribbles that Matter Moleskine A5
Cover Type Hard Hard Hard or Soft
Dimensions 5.71” X 8.27” 5.7” x 8.3” 5” x 8.25”
Paper Weight 80 gsm 100 gsm 70 gsm
Page Count 250 192 192
Pre-Printed Index * *
Numbered Pages * *
Pre-Printed Key *
Pre-Printed Pen Test Page *
Bookmarks 2 2 1
Back Pocket * * *
Elastic Closure Band * * *
Pen Loop Optional *

* means that the notebook has the feature

I recently came across the Scribbles that Matter notebooks, but I think they have been around for a minute. I am so glad I ordered one. It is a great addition to the selection of notebooks that we bullet journalers gravitate towards.

Before I get started with my new journal, I wanted to recap what my old journal was like. Here is the link to my Plan With Me post. I kept it simple. I felt like I didn’t or wouldn’t have time to do all the tracking in habit trackers and spreads like that.  Although it worked out ok, I found that I was much less motivated. There was no referring back to my progress or seeing how well I was doing at certain goals. This time around, I decided that I would have to change that. I wanted to make lifestyle changes, health changes, make better progress around my home, improve in activities with my kids, and other stuff.


Enter my new notebook… There are a ton of color combinations to choose from. I purchased this gray and yellow notebook. I love bright colors, but gray is so relaxing to me. I enjoyed all the features the notebook offers and the cover is so fun with all the designs.

Key and Index (three index pages included)
Pen Test pages (front and back)
Back expanding pocket and included pen loop

I began planning my notebook in early March. I used some extra pages from the Leuchtturm bullet journal to make a running list of all the things that I wanted to track and include in the next journal. Once I had the list, I used a new printable to plan the order of spreads and pages.  I read a good line from the NaNoWriMo site. It stated that there are planners and ‘pantsers’. Obviously, we are all planners, but I like to plan my bullet journal. There are also some people that don’t plan and like to fly by the seat of their pants, i.e. pantsers. I thought it was fitting in this case as well. Here is my planning sheet after everything is filled in.


Although the planning sheet I created was initially for the Leuchtturm, it worked pretty well for the Scribbles That Matter notebook because they are pretty similar. I wrote down pages and spreads in pencil and moved them around as needed. For the pages that I would be using a printed sticker, I indicated with either a “P” for those that needed to be created or a circled “P” for those that I already had.

Here is the documents I used 🙂

I wont bore you all with a page-by-page, but here are a few new pages that I have created:

I am so pleased with how my song tracker worked out. It is nice to have a spot for songs to keep track of until I can purchase them.
This is my first attempt at a show tracker, but I am excited to track shows as I will be needing this for other projects as well.
Larger calendar wheel. I am loving it so far!
This is my first mood tracker. I am inspired by this. It is so interesting to see how my emotions fluctuate throughout the month.
One of my favorites. This headache tracker tracks what kind of headache I have, if my hair was up, and how much coffee I drank. I will be editing it slightly for next month to include when I wear glasses.
This is the other sticker I was excited about. This is my sleep tracker. I am about 1/3 of the way through the month and can already see why I always feel so drained. There are bold lines with very faint vertical lines to keep things nice and neat. I also included a checkbox at the end to track when I still felt tired after waking up.
This was an initial take at tracking food, water, exercise and steps. I love having it all together, but I have a few tweaks and corrections to make.

Make sure that you visit the library to check out the new printable PDFs.

In the next couple of weeks, I will be looking at reformatting of the library as the current system doesn’t seem to be the perfect fit. It is a work in progress, so we will see if I can find an easier to navigate format.

I am almost done filling in the final details into my bullet journal and will be filming a flip through for the Planet Plan It YouTube channel soon. Make sure you tune in. If you haven’t already visited, click here to watch the current videos.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my bullet journal set up and enjoy the new printables. I am also working on others that will soon be uploaded. Make sure you are subscribed to the Planet Plan It newsletter to receive the current access codes needed.

Have a great day,


Supplies used and mentioned

Scribbles That Matter Notebook:

Leuchtturm 1917 A5 in Berry:

Moleskine Notebook:

Sharpie Fine Point Pen:

Sticker paper:


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